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 Kami's training [The fusing of body and mind]

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PostSubject: Kami's training [The fusing of body and mind]   Tue Apr 20, 2010 8:12 pm

[Using weighted armor]

Returning to the lookout, mr popo opened the door and didnt want to look him into the eyes.
"I am sorry about your brother" he said softly.
As Shinzui walked into the room, Mr popo closed the door again and sealed of the room.
Walking up to Kami, he allready knew what he was going to hear.
"Yes, you where right about him, he hasnt changed at all. It was most likely a trick to join us so he could kill us behind our backs" Shinzui said highly irritated.
"But why did my brother come to earth, why did he attack us and ask me to join the saiyans".

"Shinzui, i have seen your fate and his, and it was supposed to go this way. You could not have stopped him even if you wanted to".
"I have also seen your battle from here" he said calm and controlled while looking away from Shinzui.
"In your eyes, i have seen so much hate, so much anger. If you want me to train you, are first thing will be the thing you wish to supress so badly. Even i can tell that you are constantly struggling to keep yourself from your true, saiyan side. If you want to become stronger, then you will have to become one whole again, or you will deffinetly lose yourself to your anger again".
It was astounding how much the old man knew about him just by watching the one fight against his brother, now he wasnt sure how long Kami had been watching him.
"Why do i have to become a saiyan again. I can fight good enough the way i am now" Shinzui said, not understanding what Kami meant by "Becoming a saiyan again".
Remembering his incredible burst of power, shinzui stepped closer to Kami and asked his question.
"What was that burst of power i felt, was that some sort of hidden power that distinguishes us as saiyans".
"The power you released was to show that you have the potential to grow and become, a super saiyan. Though you have only released fragments of it, the power of a saiyan are unlocked when their anger reaches incredibly high levels".
"You dont have to say anything young saiyan, just go and rest now" Kami said while slowly tapping his forehead with his staff.
After that, everything blacked out.

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PostSubject: Re: Kami's training [The fusing of body and mind]   Tue Apr 20, 2010 8:24 pm

Waking up in a bed, he opened his eyes and wondered about what happened.
Getting up from the bed, he felt different, like the good night sleep had taken away all his sorrow and pain.
As the door of the room opened, Mr popo entered with a plate with bread and soup.
"You have to eat and rest up for your first day of training" Mr popo said smiling while putting the plate on the bed.
As he walked from the bed to the window, he put his hands behind his back.
"You should know what you are going to get into" Mr popo said seriously and calm.
"Kami is a nice old man, but his training program is ruthless and very effective".
Hoping that Shinzui would think it over, he walked out of the door and went outside.

Taking his time eating, he started thinking it all through. Thinking about the things he had done in his life, he had flashbacks of his training with Altair, the way he found Saki when she just crashed upon earth, How he had fought his brother multiple times and the eventual battle in wich he took care of him and sent him out with a bang.
None of this really felt like an accomplishment in his eyes.
But there where also alot of things that he was infact proud of doing.
He had made a whole bunch of friends, ran errands for Korin while receiving training from him and yajirobi, and fought alot of battles in wich he stood victorious.

Having finished his plate, he stepped out of bed and put on his clothes.
Wearing his regular black and gray outfit, he walked outside of his room and started looking for the way out.
Having spent a few minutes searching for the front door, he eventually found it and walked outside.
"So, you have arrived" Kami said calm.
"Yes i have, and i am ready for whatever you are going to trow a me" He said while his smile appeared on his face.
"I see, he is all yours Mr popo" Kami said while walking back to the front door and watching the two.
Still standing pretty far from him, Mr popo suddenly stood infront of him in the blink of an eye.
"I want you to hit me" He said with his hands still behind your back.
"Easy" Shinzui said.
He had been trained in speed and accuracy by Combat master Korin and yajirobi, it would be no problem hitting this guy.

"I know what you might be thinking" Kami said while grinning a bit.
"He had the exact same training you had, so take him seriously will you" Kami said while his grin turned back into his normal, more serious face.
Packing a punch, he launched a high speed barrage of punches at Mr popo, though he managed to block all of it.
Using the palm of his hand, he parried and deflected each and everyone of his hits.
"Why cant i hit you" Shinzui said while hitting faster and faster.

As he became tired after five minutes of punching, he hadnt laid a finger on Popo yet.
Catching his breath, he raised his power level and floated above the ground, alowing him to attack wat faster and use his feet to kick.
Easily countering each of his attacks, Shinzui kept on getting more pumped and irritated by this seemingly unhittable foe.
"Allright Shinzui, you can stop now" Kami said while Shinzui stopped the assualt and dropped his powerlevel to a regular amount.

"Before you continue, there is something that has to be done" Kami said.
As he walked to the entrance of the lookout, he signaled to Shinzui that he had to follow him.
Once inside, Kami told him to kneel down.
A bit confused about why he had to kneel, he figured that it should have been good for something and just followed Kami's orders.
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PostSubject: Re: Kami's training [The fusing of body and mind]   Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:40 am

As the old man walked towards him, he extended his hand and placed it on his forehead.
"Now then, allow me to unlock your hidden potential" He said.
Suddenly feeling an enormous amount of energy from the depth of his body, his powerlevel jumped of the charts.
Rising up from his kneeling position, he noticed that his entire body felt lighter then it was a minute ago.
"I have removed the mental block you made in your head, supressing your saiyan instincts. You should now be able to fight better, move faster and your body should be more resistent to attacks" Kami explained.
"Now that this is done, we have to work on your concentration and battle qualities".
Placing his hand on Shinzui's shoulder, they suddenly relocated at a waterfall that was many kilometers away from the Lookout.

"You have to learn to focus and be able to control and channel your rage, instead of letting it control you" Kami said.
"Sit down on that rock over there and meditate" Kami said, pointing his staff at a flat rock at the bottom of the waterfall.
Taking of his shirt and shoes, he stepped into the water.
As a cold chill went down his spine, he jumped out and yelled "THIS WATER IS FREEZING!".
"You will have to get to the rock and withstand the freezing water, once you can meditate under those conditions, you will have passed the first test" Kami sat while leaning on his staff.

Though he did not like it at all, he went into the freezing water and started moving towards the rock.
Climbing out of the water and onto the rock, he sat underneath the crashing waterfall.
As the water fell on his shoulders, it got even more cold and the volume of the water hurt throughout his entire body.
Closing his eyes, he tried to forget his surroundings, forget the freezing water, forget the current events on earth and forget about the pain.
The more he tried to ignore it, the less pain he felt in his shoulders.
Having accessed his inner calm, he used a small amount of Ki to keep his body warm.
After a few hours, Shinzui sat at the bottom of the waterfall and was completely calm and entered a state of meditation.
"You have passed the first test, you can come out now" Kami said.

Noticing that Shinzui was not responding, he floated over to Shinzui's rock and saw that he had fallen asleep.
"Being able to sleep under those condition's, he sure is something" Kami said smiling while tapping him on the head with his staff.
Opening his eyes, he yawned and looked up to say Kami infront of him.
"It is time to go young saiyan" Kami said while placing his hand on his shoulder and returning to the Lookout.

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PostSubject: Re: Kami's training [The fusing of body and mind]   Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:15 pm

Setting foot on the llokout again, Kami seemed like he was having a headache.
Dropping to his knee's, Mr popo quickly rushed to his aid and helped him up with the help of Shinzui.
"What is happening to you Kami" Mr popo said worried about the old man.
Opening one eye, he turned his head to Shinzui and looked at him closely.
"Young saiyan, the saiyans have arrived sooner then we expected. They are ready to attack earth at this very moment".

"What!" Shinzui yelled as he raised his Powerlevel.
"No Shinzui, if you go now, you will lose to them. You have to finish your training if you want to have any hope of beating them" Kami shouted at Shinzui.
Releasing his Ki, he landed again and looked at Kami and Mr popo with a straight face and said "Then lets hurry up, my friends are down there and they need me there".
"They will be just fine for the moment" Kami said and looked at Mr popo.

"I understand" Mr popo said, understanding what Kami was thinking hinted Shinzui that he should follow him.
"Follow me Shinzui, we will go to a special room that will train you to become even stronger, strong enough to take on the saiyans".
Clapping his hands, a door in the wall opened and the two men walked inside.
Noticing a red, glowing circle on the ground, he walked around it.
"Step into this circle and the training can begin. The circle is a portal to an alternate dimension, there you will find powerfull opponents and you will have to fight them. You cannot die in here, but i can assure you that the pain will be very real. If you survive in here for twentyfour hours, you will have passed the final test" Mr popo explained.
"Now then, step into the circle and begin your training".

Not even thinking it over, Shinzui hurried into the circle.
As a beam of green electricity hit him, he dissapeared out of Mr popo's sight.
"Good luck in there Shinzui, may you find the strength to pass the test".
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PostSubject: Re: Kami's training [The fusing of body and mind]   Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:32 pm

In a flash of green light, Shinzui appeared in a strange room.
There where high, pointy rocks extending from the ground, the soil was rock hard and the ceeling was covered in spikes aswell.
The only thing Shinzui could see was a straight path into the darkness.
"This must be what Mr popo was reffering to" he said.
Walking down the road, he had the constant feeling that someone was watching him.
It was almost to dark to see, but there where some cracks in the dark ceeling that emited small amounts of light.
Shinzui knew that if his sight was weak, he had to use another alternative.

Rellying purely on his hearing, he slowly walked down the road and was hoping to find a hiding place or something to eat.
Hearing the sound of someone dashing from rock to rock, he looked at his right and didnt see anything but darkness.
"Whatever is out there, i doubt that it is something thats nice and friendly" he thought to himself.
Constantly making sure he was'nt getting ambushed, he kept walking down the road untill he saw an open area.
Walking in, he heard multiple voices from around him, seeming to boom from every direction at once.
"Aah, a saiyan, it has been a while since i last saw one".
"Shut up fool, he can hear us".
"Then let us introduce ourselves".

Out of the shadow covered ceeling, five strange figures stepped out and landed on the ground infront of him.
"Welcome saiyan, we are here to fight and kill you. For sneaking into our domain, we shall rip out and eat your guts" A fat, dragon like creature said while rubbing it's belly.
Releasing their powerlevels, he noticed that they where all pretty much lower then him, but their numbers where most likely what made them dangerous.
"If you die in here, there is no afterlife you know" the dragon said.
"If it is a fight you want, then come at me now" he said, taunting the fat dragon.
"Stay out of this guys, he is mine, his powerlevel is only 10,000" the dragon said as he walked up to Shinzui.

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PostSubject: Re: Kami's training [The fusing of body and mind]   Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:48 pm


Standing infront of the large dragon, he got ready to fight and smiled at the dragon.
"What are you smiling at you runt" The dragon yelled as he trew a powerfull punch at Shinzui.
Missing him, he struck the ground and he got stuck in a rock.
"You can use the afterimage technique" the dragon said with a scared tone.
"How can that be, you are way to low to possess such a .... " the dragon said, being interrupted by a blast to the back of his head, blasting it to bits.
"You shouldnt judge on appearance's" Shinzui said as the headless corpse fell over and hit the ground.

For a moment, the creature's where speachless, after that they chuckled a bit.
"Atleast that fool got what he deserved" a tall blue skined creature said.
In the blink of an eye, the four remaining beasts surrounded him.
Noticing the one with the long head was charging a beam, he couldnt get out of the way and he was constricted by the tentacles on his head.
Leading electricity through the feeler's, he electrocuted Shinzui to the point of exaustion.
Being lifted by a smaller winged creature, he got punched in the stumach multiple times before he coughed up a small amount of blood.
Every time he tried to fight back the small guy, the one with the large head sent a shock through his body.
"If this keeps up, i will be toast in a matter of seconds" Shinzui thought to himself.

Suddenly, a very dense, yellow Ki bursted forth from Shinzui's body.
His pupils and irises had disappeared, his hair stood up straight and had a red tint to it.
With a frenzied look in his eyes, he grabbed the feeler's.
Getting shocked, he didnt feel a thing and tore the feeler's of the creature's head.
As blood shot out of the torn of feeler's, the creature cried out in agony while the other creatures dived at him.
Extending his arms to both sides, Shinzui shouted "Haaaaaaaaaaaaa", Sending a powerfull blast of Ki at every direction.
It knocked the creature's back and some hit the wall or got launched into the floor.

"It feels like a can control it now" Shinzui said softly.
As the big blue guy was standing up, Shinzui stepped infront of him and kicked him in the face, sending him into the sky.
Rushing around him, he put his hands together and slammed him in the back with high speed and power.
Breaking all the bones in his back, he got launched to the ground at the position of the guy with the torn of feeler's.
Falling ontop of him, he crushed the guys skull.
Shooting a Ki blast at the two, he obliterated them.

"What is it you want you freak" The winged guy said.
Not responding to his questions, he rushed forward and slammed his fist straight through his stumach.
"Guu gyaa" he moaned before he died.
Dropping his corpse to the ground, there was one smaller guy left.
"Ooh my god, i have to get out of here", he said while quickly flying of.
Putting his hands together, he formed a beam and launched it at the fleeing enemy.
Hearing a scream and an explosion in the distance, he knew the last guy died.

Releasing his powerlevel and lowering it to 5000, he sat down against a tree and started resting.
He had deserved some rest, because he had been training very long and had not had alot of sleep.
Because of his earlier surge of power, all the other wicked creature's kept their distance, allowing him to sleep for a bit.

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PostSubject: Re: Kami's training [The fusing of body and mind]   Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:02 pm

Being poked in his side, Shinzui opened his eyes and came to in a bed.
It was thesame room he had woken in earlier.
Noticing Mr popo next to him, he asked him what happened.
"You have passed the final test young saiyan" Mr popo said happily.
"That's great" Shinzui yelled out loud.

"Take it easy kid, you're body had been under alot of strain".
Continueing to rest for the moment, he was dreaming about his encounter with the saiyan's.

The next day, Shinzui was told to go to Kami.
Stepping outside, Kami walked up to him and placed his hand on his head.
"You have done great young saiyan, you have passed the test and by that you have rounded up all the training i can give you for the moment. Now Shinzui, you must go down and stop the saiyan's" Kami said with a straight face.

"Thanks alot Kami, you too Mr popo" he said while slowly floating up from the lookout.
Charging his Ki, he rushed away from the platform towards the place where he had last felt Altair's Ki.
"Hold on guys, i will be there soon" he said as he disappeared out of sight.
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PostSubject: Re: Kami's training [The fusing of body and mind]   Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:03 pm

Finished, someone please rate

for those who may not have read the full story, i used the following.

False super saiyan form
Weighted armor
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PostSubject: Re: Kami's training [The fusing of body and mind]   Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:16 pm

75,000 ki and zenni gain
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PostSubject: Re: Kami's training [The fusing of body and mind]   

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Kami's training [The fusing of body and mind]
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