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 To be the strongest. [Finished!]

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PostSubject: To be the strongest. [Finished!]   Tue May 04, 2010 6:47 am

Spinazo stood on a mountain top on the Planet Vegeta, his hair blowing in the wind. He could feel his fellow Saiyans all over the planet. He sensed them train, he sensed them fight, he sensed them prepare for either of the former. A grin touched his face. Only a short while ago he had been weaker. Even worse, he had been among the weakest of Saiyans! Now he was no longer the weakest, but still far from the most powerful.

As he closed his eyes, Spinazo felt gravity's neverending pull. He felt how it influenced everything around him. The young Saiyan warrior fell to his knee, and picked up a rock. It was round rock, greyish-blackish coloured. Perfectly smooth and cold to the touch.

"This will do fine," he said to himself, as he threw the rock into the air with all the strength he could muster. "Now... To catch it I'll have a NEED FOR SPEED!"

Spinazo channeled all of his Ki in his body and used it in an explosion of speed and agility, seemingly disappearing into the nothing. He appeared in the sky, the rock he had thrown into the air was still escaping gravity's grasp, and with the speed of the maneuvre, he kicked the rock downwards. The Saiyan warrior kicked hard, but not too hard so that the rock would shatter. It now raced downwards again. The immense burst of speed and agility was straining his muscles. He could, literally, 'feel the burn'. It was a good thing. No pain, no gain. A wisdom that held truth especially when you were dealing with a Saiyan.

"AAAAARGH!" He screamed as he powered up and followed the descending rock in pursuit. His goal was to catch it before it hit the ground. This would mean that he would have to fly at an immense speed, further straining his body. Putting it to the absolute limit.

The surface of Planet Vegeta grew more detailed with every meter that he got closer, and he still was unable to catch the rock. It was just out of reach. If only his arms were just a bit longer! He was already flying as fast as he could. Was he? He could fly faster than this, could he not?!

Another explosive boost to his speed. Muscles throughout his entire body were crying out in pain and agony, but it worked! Spinazo reached out, grasped the rock into his hand and tried to slow down. At this point the ground was close. Too close for him to come a full stop! In a desperate attempt, Spinazo directed all of the Ki used for flying to the opposite direction, but he had pushed his body too far. It did not respond to all of his commands.

He managed to slow down considerably, but not enough to escape the ground's harsh embrace.

[Wordcount 479. WORK IN PROGRESS]

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PostSubject: Re: To be the strongest. [Finished!]   Wed May 05, 2010 7:28 am

Spinazo crashed into the ground; smashing into a unfortunately placed rock. It cracked and split underneath the force of the impact, leaving the Saiyan warrior to eat dust and rocks. Blood trickled from out of numerous cuts, his body was bruised and his muscles strained and burned. He raised himself from the rubble, feeling both injured and rejuvenated. It had been a challenge. A challenge to become stronger that hard turned into a challenge for survival. As a thorough-bred, full blooded Saiyan, although a third class Saiyan according to many, he loved a challenge. He loved being challenged. The excitement made him feel alive. It was... Empowering.

"Now that was fun," he groaned, feeling how tense his body felt after all that. "Well, I suppose it's off to the regeneration chamber for me."

With that, Spinazo powered up and flew off to a nearby Regeneration Center. Landing at the Center, he could see the looks and gazes of his brethren. Their eyes blasting disrepect and hate. They thought of him as a weakling. A pathetic fool. Spinazo grinned. He had surpassed a couple of them already. Seeing the state his body was in, his clothes tattered and his body battered, they did not bar his entrance. Of course, their contempt of him did not stop them from making snide remarks.
"Who does he think he is..."

He walked through the halls of the Regeneration Center. His step and stride confident. Deep down inside there were the insecurities. Insecurities that were tamed by blind, fiery ambition. Spinazo would not relax until he was the strongest Saiyan, no the strongest fighter in the Universe. And even then he would not sleep. To stay on top was as much work as climbing there.
"Out of my way," he said, pushing one of the scientists out of the way; seating down in one of the Regeneration Pod. "Just one night. That will be enough. Also, what is my current power level?"
One of the scientists, the one who operated the pod, arched his brow as he took a scouter from the table and activated it. The scouter beeped as it was calculating Spinazo's power level. It then stopped. The Saiyan Warrior enjoyed the surprised look on the scientist's face, who was clearly seeing something he had not expected.
"It's... Your... It's... Amazing."
"What is it? How high is it?"
"Good. Now activate the regeneration pod and I'll see you in the morning.

And thus happened.

.:The Next Day:.

The moment Spinazo woke up was the same moment that the regeneration pod opened up. Stepping out of the pod, he could see a giant of a Saiyan waiting for him. The man wore the traditional Saiyan armour, with a body suit underneath. Spinazo immediately recognized the man. It was one of the Saiyan Elite, although among the weaker ones. His name was Tato, and it did not seem unlikely that he wanted to strengthen his place in the pecking order by beating Spinazo, who had been making a name for himself recently.
"You," Tato said, his voice as smooth and elegant as gravel. "They said you have a power level of 3500..."
"What about it?" Spinazo replied, sounding as nonchalant as possible.
"That would make you a Saiyan Elite."
"So?" Spinazo continued, changing his ruined outfit with a new, clean and whole one.
"I'm going to prove you're not. You're just a weak, pathetic excuse of a Saiyan. You should be lucky that we did not fire you into a star. You were considered too weak to even be send to a planet? Surely, you can never be a Saiyan Elite! Meet me in ten minutes in the training hall."
"Sure," grinned Spinazo, as he gave Tato the thumbs up.

Nine minutes later both Tato and Spinazo stood in the training hall. It was a massive building, designed to accomodate and withstand the kind of training Saiyan Warriors were put through. The hall was more than five hundred meters in diameter the tip of the dome, for it was shaped as a dome, stood five hundred meters above the ground. A massive building, but would it be enough to contain the power Spinazo was planning to unleash?

The young Saiyan warrior stood confident, his arms folded and his head nonchalantly tilted to the side. He looked at Tato, who appeared to look less confident. Spinazo thought it pathetic that Tato felt the need to define his own power by beating Spinazo.
"So, what are you wai-"
Before he could finish his sentence, he felt Tato's knee against his jaw; knocking him back a hundred meters. Apparently the Saiyan Elite was not one for talking. Spinazo slid along the floor as the friction slowed him down. Leaping up from the floor, Spinazo powered up in a split second and raced at Tato; connecting a punch to the face before the Saiyan Elite could even respond. The punch was hard, and blood gushed out of the Saiyan's nose as he too was knocked back.

It was looking to become an epic battle, so much was for sure.

[Wordcount: 853
Total wordcount: 1332
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PostSubject: Re: To be the strongest. [Finished!]   Wed May 05, 2010 9:49 am

"I'll get you for this!" An angered Tato yelled as he scrambled himself up from the floor. "I am a Saiyan Elite! I have a power level of over 5000! I can not be defeated! I am stronger than you, a pitiful commoner!"

Rushing forward at Spinazo, Tato unleashed a furious flurry of punches and kicks at Spinazo, whom was struggling to parry the powerful assaults. He was fighting on the tip of his toes to not break under the punches of the stronger Tato. But! As the fight dragged on, taking place throughout the entire training hall, Spinazo began to see faults in Tato's technique. His opponent's strength exceeded his, but Tato was not as fast. Spinazo had to concentrate to parry the powerful blows, but it wasn't a lack in speed!

Spinazo rushed into the air, bounced himself off the ceiling of the dome and rushed at Tato. His opponent rushed straight at Spinazo. They were about to collide into conflict once again when Spinazo unexpectedly turned to the side. There was now a gap in the defenses of the surprised Tato. Spinazo kneed him straight in the stomach. The Saiyan Elite was once again coughing blood, gurgling as he did so. Paralyzed by the pain, Spinazo took his chances and rammed Tato to the ground, who crashed into the floor with a bang. Pieces of debris flew everywhere.

"Are we done yet? Or do you still want to prove you are a Saiyan Elite? Or... Have you been relegated to 'commoner' status?"


The training hall was now cast in a blue, eerie light as a gigantic Ki-blast surged at the air-born Spinazo. The young Saiyan warrior placed his hands together, channeled the Ki and then opened the palm of his hands; unleashing a powerful crimson Ki-blast.
Spinazo's Ki-blast met Tato's halfway. The room now basking in a purple glow.
"Tri? What a pathetic name for a pitiful attack!"
Spinazo simply grinned as the main beam of the Tri-Ki-Blast split into three, with two of the beams flanking Tato from the sides.
"What?! Impossible!"

An explosion commenced. Its blast wave crashing against the walls of the training halls. The structural integrity of the building seemed to collapse, but it held as the smoke dissipated and the dust settled. Tato had fallen to his knees, but he was still very much alive. The Saiyan armour he was wearing had been broken, with one shoulder pad broken off.

Tato powered up, reaching his full potential. The updraft caused by the energy surge lifted some pieces of rock, which were subsequently crushed by the immense power he was generating. Flying into the air, the rage made Tato faster than Spinazo could ever have guessed. Appearing in front of him before he could act. A punch to the gut made him bend over in pain. An elbow to the neck send him flying to the ground, all the while feeling as if his spine was about to shatter. Spinazo never crashed into the ground, for Tato was already waiting for him; treating him to a round house kick to the face.

The pain was unbearable as Spinazo finally crashed to the floor, a many meters away from his foe. His left arm was broken, he was coughing up blood and, all in all, not feeling all to well. As he struggled to get up, Tato kicked him hard in the stomach; sending Spinazo flying up the air.
"I'm going to rough you up, you pathetic piece of Freeza-spit! Hell, you're not even worthy of working for our pathetic enemy. You are nothing. You are weak. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!"
Spinazo was still moving upwards as he saw Tato coming at him, preparing for another bout. The young warrior realised that he would have to end this battle quick, or else he'd be ripped to shreds. He channeled the Ki to the fingertips of his right hand, where five small spheres of blue Ki appeared. Spinazo was preparing his signature attack, the Magic Missiles. They were designed to kill, to be the most efficient kind of attack he could think of. The missiles moved at extremely fast speeds, far more speedier than Tato could ever be.

Tato was closing in. Just a little bit closer...

Spinazo threw the five Magic Missiles at Tato, who was surprised to see that Spinazo still had a fight in him. Unable to dodge the Missiles, the first one hit and exploded. Sending Tato to the ground once more. The other four hit soon after, resulting in a gigantic explosion.

Spinazo recovered his stance, and was now flying in the air once more. His gaze was fixed on the ground. He had given everything he had to offer. If Tato was still standing, he would lose. There was no way he could keep up for another bout. When the smoke of the explosion disappeared, Spinazo could see Tato on the ground. Bloodied, beaten and still alive. Spinazo landed safely and began to prepare for the final monologue, charging up a Ki-blast at the same time.

"Well, well, well..." He said, as cool as possible as he walked over to the defeated Tato. "Seems that our Saiyan Elite lost to a pathetic excuse of a Saiyan. To a warrior not even worthy to work for our enemy Freeza. These were your words, were they not?" He did not wait for an answer, a grin stuck to his face. "Well... I've come to erase the disgrace that my father brought to the family. I've come to take my place among the Saiyan Elite. And as for you, Tato..."

He had found enough Ki for a final blast. A blast to rid the Galaxy of this pathetic weakling. He directed the palm of his hand at Tato.

"Consider yourself dishonourably discharged and send with an early retirement. Enjoy your new found freedom...
A crimson blast sped from his hand. Destroying Tato once and for all.

Spinazo stood in the training hall, contemplating his victory. A smile stuck to his face. He then turned around, and headed for the regeneration chamber once again.

[Wordcount: 1036
Total Wordcount: 2368]
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PostSubject: Re: To be the strongest. [Finished!]   Wed May 05, 2010 9:52 am

Not sure if we still have to grade ourselves or not. But here goes:

Formula: (Number of words) Divided by 20, (Answer) divided by 4, (Answer) x 500.

2368 / 20 = 118,4
118,4 / 4 = 29,6
29,6 x 500 = 14800

PL: 14.800


Oh, no self grading. Haha. Oh well. I did already do the math. :p
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PostSubject: Re: To be the strongest. [Finished!]   Wed May 05, 2010 12:16 pm

i checked the math it is correct, grading approved
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PostSubject: Re: To be the strongest. [Finished!]   Thu May 06, 2010 4:18 pm

Awesome. Just to prevend further problems, but also 14.800 zenni, right?
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PostSubject: Re: To be the strongest. [Finished!]   Fri May 07, 2010 5:05 am

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PostSubject: Re: To be the strongest. [Finished!]   

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To be the strongest. [Finished!]
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