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 Half Saiyan

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PostSubject: Half Saiyan   Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:59 am

A Half-Saiyan is quite simply a halfbreed of a Human or other Species and a Saiyan. Half Saiyans are a special breed mostly because they are a mix of the two angriest species in the Universe. The upside is that Humans are very wise, making Half-Breeds a more deadly force than what most would think.

Starting Powerlevel: 300


Oozaru: Either achieved through a power ball or full moon. You have transformed into a giant angry ape. (Power ball does not need to be a technique, all Saiyans know it.)

Powerlevel Required: 10,000
Ki Gain: 15,000 added to your current Ki

Power Unleashed: Your anger is now overwhelming. Possibly a vendetta maybe even simple over-reacting, all you know is that the person in front of you is gonna pay.

Powerlevel Required: 45,000
Ki Gain: 75,000 added to your current Ki


Super Saiyan: You have finally seen something that has lead you to this power. Something not seen in many years. A Super Saiyan.

Powerlevel Required: 200,000
Ki Gain: 400,000 added to your Current Ki


Super Saiyan 2nd Grade: Your muscles swell, making your body several sizes larger than normal, your power and speed are elevated beyond your previous Super Saiyan limits.

Powerlevel Required: 1,000,000
Ki Gain: 5,000,000 Added to your current Ki


Super Saiyan 3rd Grade: Your muscles swell even larger than in your Super Saiyan 2nd Grade form. In this stage, however, the increase in power comes at a cost of reduced speed and mobility, and because of the massive energy required to maintain this form, it is not sustainable for long periods of time, which ultimately puts you in a life-threatening disadvantage. If your Ki goes below what your original Powerlevel is you revert and cannot transform for the remainder of the duel, with that your Ki is reduced by 200,000.

Powerlevel Required: 10,000,000
Ki Gain: 20,000,000 added to your current Ki


Super Saiyan 2: After experiencing an extreme emotional upheaval your anger has overcome your body and the energy is streaming through you. Your hair is golden and pointing directly up, your body is ready for a fight.

Powerlevel Required: 50,000,000
Ki Gain: 2x Current Ki


Ablity: Saiyans when comeing back from near death get a 5-10,000 PL boost depending on what staff say
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Half Saiyan
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