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 Delivering the goods [Quest]

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PostSubject: Delivering the goods [Quest]   Delivering the goods [Quest] Icon_minitimeThu Apr 15, 2010 7:53 pm

It was a beautifull day and the sun was shining brightly.
Flying high in the sky, was Shinzui the saiyan.
Still looking for a larger human city, he thought to himself, "This planet is a beautifull one, i wouldnt mind spending the rest of my days here".
As he continued flying, he came across a large pillar that extended high into the sky, even above the clouds.
After thinking it over, Shinzui made the decision to climb the pillar instaid of flying up so he could get some exercise while he was on his journey.
Climbing higher and higher, he suddenly saw some sort of dome, or a house on the end of the pillar.
Slowly climbing up the last part of the pillar, he jumped up and landed on a plateau.

When he looked around, he heard someone behind him speak to him, saying "Congratulations, you have climbed all the way up the tower. My name is korin, i own this tower and grow the sensu beans".
Not knowing what a sensu bean was, he asked Korin about the sensu beans.
After a few minutes of explaining, Shinzui stood up and wanted to leave untill korin stepped infront of him in an instant and asked him to take a bag of sensu beans to a friend of his living in the city.
"Sure korin, i would love to, only i dont know where the city is" he said while staring at the ground.
After he had a good laugh, korin told him where to find the city and promissed to make it worth while.
"Ooh yea, the guy lives on ground level, house number 239, good luck kid".

As Shinzui jumped down, he had gained some knowledge on how to find the city, and he now knew about the mystical sensu beans and their healing ability's.
For a moment a dark thought flashed through his head, "I could keep these incase i might need them one day".
Even though he had a point, he made the right choice and kept flying at the city to find the adress of korin's friend.
As he approachec the city, he was stunned by how big the city was and also amazed to see all those flying cars.
"This really is a strange place", Shinzui thought to himself as he decended and walked the streets, trying not to stand out to much.
Starting to count the house numbers, he came across the correct housenumber, 239.

As he knocked on the door, a shutter opened and he could see someone's eyes staring at him, saying "Who the hell are you".
"I am Shinzui sir, i came here to bring you your goods from korin", he explained.
The man was happy when he obtained the sensu beans, making Shinzui happy aswell.
As he flew back to Korin at high speed, he landed on the plateau and walked to korin.
"I watched you all the way kid, you have potential to becomea strong warrior in time, now about your payment" he said while giving Shinzui some zenni.
"Why thank you korin, i might be coming around sometime" he said while hapily running towards the edge of the plateau.
As he jumped down, he yelled "Cya korin".
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PostSubject: Re: Delivering the goods [Quest]   Delivering the goods [Quest] Icon_minitimeThu Apr 15, 2010 9:46 pm


Ki Gain: 4,400
Zenni: 4,400


Reward: 4,000 Zenni
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Delivering the goods [Quest]
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