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 Rotten Hippocrates (Altair's Quest)

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Rotten Hippocrates (Altair's Quest) Empty
PostSubject: Rotten Hippocrates (Altair's Quest)   Rotten Hippocrates (Altair's Quest) Icon_minitimeFri Apr 16, 2010 2:36 pm

Altair was walking down the street just looking for someone to fight, but all the humans just look so frail, no one was worth his time. "etch, pathetic, not a single human in this city can compare to me........" Just then Altair noticed a scared looking punk in front of an alleyway. Altair approached the man.

When Altair go close the man jumped with fear, "AAHHHH please don't hurt me im just standing here not doing nothing just please please please!!!!" The man's speech just vomiting from his mouth. Altair looked at the man in confusion, " I want nothing to do with you, but what has you so scared?"

"I have to guard this pile of weapons for the boss till he gets here with the muscle but the gang over there has been eyeballing me ever since someone called us out on the stockpile, im dead if they come over here..........WAIT CRAP WHY AM I TELLING YOU!!!!!!" The man fell to the ground in embarrassment after just letting the secret out.

"Are these guys tough?" Altair asked. The man looked up and said "Of Course they are each has the strength of 10 men, and there are 15 of them, anyone who fights that group is a goner!"

Altair smiled, "Well if they are that tough im just gonna have to fight them!" Altair then punched his right fist into his left palm, eager for a fight.

"Your crazy man, and a dead one at that you go fighting them, im outta here!" The little man ran off down the street, a dust cloud marked his path of retreat. Altair looked back at the weapons and thought to himself, "hmm the little guy said that these weapons needed to be protected, ill just have to do that making this harder for me to handle, this is gonna be fun."

The small gang saw that the little man had run away so they ran across the street to get to loot but to there surprise, Altair punched on of then back across the street, "WHAT THE H*LL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!? DO YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE?!" Altair looked at the man yelling and said in a calm tone, "No, not really, I just want to fight all of you...." and before Altair was able to finish his statement he was attacked by two of the 14 men that were left. Altair quickly countered the attack and both men lay uncouncious on the ground. "If that’s all the strength you have you will not stop me, or get to these weapons."

Altair looked back to see that two of them men had slipped past him and were trying to pick up the weapons, Altair lunged at them and kicked one in the chest, using the force of the kick to jump higher and land on top of the other guy. "Four down, Eleven to go." Altair said at a volume for the others to hear.

This only enraged the other men, "You dare to mock us!? Hey Tiny come show this guy what we got!" Altair laughed from the name, how could someone named Tiny stand any kind of chance agains him.

The ground began to shake as Tiny walked up, Tiny was not Tiny, Tiny was a 7 foot tall man with buldging muscles. Altair had to look up to see his face. "Finally an opponent to contend with." Altair jumped forward and punched Tiny, only to find that he was unharmed.

Altair jumped back and thought, "how his this man that strong to be uneffected by my punches?" Altair jumped forward again and throwing punch after punch, kick after kick, but all still failed against this HUGE man named TINY!

All the men were standing behind Tiny laughing, "HAHAHAHA there is nothing you can do agains Tiny, his is the strongest man alive!" More of the Men added there insults but they were futile as they did not affect Altair, "Useless banter" Altair Charged his Ki wave in the plam of his right hand and aimed it at Tiny and subsquently the men behind him. "this will show you true power..... KI!!!!!" The wave roared down the alley and engulfed the men, when the wave had cleared all the men were knocked out on the ground.

Just then the "Boss" showed up, "Good Job my man I will be sure to reward you" The Boss picked up the weapons and walked off. Altair had completed some training and in the Process got paid.
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Rotten Hippocrates (Altair's Quest) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rotten Hippocrates (Altair's Quest)   Rotten Hippocrates (Altair's Quest) Icon_minitimeFri Apr 16, 2010 2:38 pm

PL gain:3,006

zenni gain:3,000
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Rotten Hippocrates (Altair's Quest)
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