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 Shinzui to the rescue! [rotten hipocrates]

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Shinzui to the rescue! [rotten hipocrates] Empty
PostSubject: Shinzui to the rescue! [rotten hipocrates]   Shinzui to the rescue! [rotten hipocrates] Icon_minitimeFri Apr 16, 2010 5:33 pm

After recently helping korin with his sensu beans, Shinzui was walking through the city that he had earlier taken the sensu beans.
"I have to thank korin for showing me the way here" he thought to himself.
Deciding to check out the entire city, he started walking through the main street.
Passing clothing stores, dinner's, toy stores, supermarkets and alot of other buildings, he saw a large warehouse in the distance.
Running into an alley to stay out of sight, he flew towards the warehouse in the distance.
Passing over broken and wrecked houses, he saw that not everyone was able to live in a big and nice house.
Feeling sorry for the people below him, he picked up the pace and flew faster, trying to stay unseen by the humans.

Landing on the roof of a large building next to the warehouse, he climbed down the roof and hit the ground below.
Quickly looking around him to see if there where more people, he noticed that it was strangely quiet around the warehouse.
Deciding to check it out, he walked up to the door.
As soon as he put his hand on the handle, he heard a voice behind him.
"Hey you, who the hell are you and what are you doing on my property", a small man yelled behind him.
Turning around swiftly, he walked towards the man and said, "I am sorry, i did not know this was your place".

The man then nodded and put his hand to his chin while walking in circles around him.
"You look strong, what are you, a bodybuilder, a soldier", the man said to him.
"No sir, to tell you the truth, im not sure myself" he told the man with a smile on his face.
"Oooh like that huh (weirdo)" the man said grinning.
"I could use a man like you. you see, i have this warehouse full of food for the homeless living further along the road. But the thing is, there are these bandits that want to steal it all for themselves, and you and i know that we cant let that happen".

Being shocked by the heartlessness of some people, he instantly agreed to help the man.
Telling him that they would be there within an hour, Shinzui sat down against the door while the small man quickly left in his car.
After having rested and laying in the sun for about half an hour, there where a few of muscular men coming towards the warehouse.
Totalling to about 10 or 20 men, Shinzui stepped infront of the door.

"What the hell do you think you are doing, get outta the way kid" a tall guy yelled at him.
"I cant let you steal whats kept inside, they belong to the homeless".
After the all bursted out laughing, the tall guy spoke again and said, "You must be havin a hole in yer head, get outta the way now or we will kill ya".
Grabbing an iron pole from his back, he charged at Shinzui.
Easily sidestepping the man and his pole, he hit the man on the back of the head, sending him flying into the waters around the warehouse.
"You should leave" Shinzui said seriously while looking at the men.

The men where shocked for a while as they saw their boss fly off into the water just like that.
But instead of being afraid, they where angry and charged at him all together.
Attacking with knife's, daggers, pole's and baseball bats, Shinzui got quite some damage because he could not dodge them all.
Having cut his shoulder and having some bruises on his leg from the bat's, he got angered and released a large amount of KI, sending most of the men flying into a wall behind them.

"So, i see you are quite the strong one" Shinzui heard from behind a couple of stacked up boxes.
Turning to face the direction the voice came from, he saw something walk up from behind the boxes.
He saw a man, only he had a robotic eye and iron fists.
"What are you... " Shinzui said while staring at the strange new appearance.
"What does it look like you numbskull, i am an android called Ryu-19" the man told him.
"I have come here to claim that warehouse, and dont even think about getting in the way" he said while calmly walked at the front door.
As he reached for the door, Shinzui grabbed his arm and said "I cant let you do that, it doesnt belong to you".
"You lowlife, get out of my sight", he said while slapping him in the face.
Though shinzui stood his ground, he returned the favor with double prizes as he tore of the mans arm and punched him in the face with full power.
Falling back a few steps, the man pointed his torn of hand at him and said, "Big mistake boy".
As a gun appeared, a chain of bullets was fired towards his position.

The place of impact of the bullets was great and a large plume of smoke and rubble rose up.
Retracting his gun, he looked into the smoke before turning around and walking at the door once again.
As he turned around, he heard Shinzui say,"Dont be so sure of yourself" as he slammed of his other hand and kicked him in the back.
Falling to the ground, helpless, the men picked up their boss and the android and left.
Sitting down against the door again, he rested for some hours.
As the day turned into night, he felt the tapping of a cane on his head.

"Wake up kid, wake up" he heard as he opened his eyes.
He saw the small man and stood up.
"I protected youre warehouse sir, they wont be coming back" shinzui said proud.
"Good job kiddo, take this with ya, for the trouble" the man said laughing as he give him some money.
"Thank you sir, and good luck with the food" Shinzui yelled as he Flew off into the air, returning home.

"Its a good thing to have all these dumb people in the world" the small man said laughing as a large number of trucks came and started transporting the weaponry inside the warehouse.
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Shinzui to the rescue! [rotten hipocrates] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shinzui to the rescue! [rotten hipocrates]   Shinzui to the rescue! [rotten hipocrates] Icon_minitimeFri Apr 16, 2010 5:46 pm

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Shinzui to the rescue! [rotten hipocrates]
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