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 Korin's training, The path to victory [part 1]

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PostSubject: Korin's training, The path to victory [part 1]   Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:40 pm

Waking up in the mountain cave, he stretched out his arms and yawned loudly.
Getting up from his bed, he stepped outside of the cave and quickly fired himself into the air, flying straight to Korin's tower.
Passing some small native village's, he saw alot of children playing outside and parents hunting dinosaurs on large grassy plains.
With the large tower in sight, Shinzui grabbed ahold of the tower and climbed up to the top.
Having gotten upstairs in less then an hour, he stepped on the platform and looked for Korin.
Walking around for a while, he saw korin sitting at a table near the center of the tower.
"Hey korin" shinzui said, informing korin that he had appeared.

"So, you came back kid, what do you need" korin said.
Getting on his knees, he went in a begging position.
"Please korin, you have to train me. Two saiyans will soon attack to take over earth, and i have to step them".
"Saiyans, so you're saying you are not with them" he said calm.

"How can i help them take the place where i was raised" he said a bit shocked by korins statement.
"One of them is my brother, and i want to beat him without killing him" he explained.
He could see from his facial expression that Korin was deffinetly considering it.
"Yajirobi, get over here" the cat yelled to the interior of the tower.
After a few moments, a fat man with long black hair came walking out.
He had a strange orange vest, and a katana on his back.
"What is it now, korin" he said while yawning.

As the man sat down in a chair next to the cat, Korin explained the big idea to Yajirobi.
Discussing for nearly fifteen minutes, the two of them turned around.
Korin looked at Shinzui for a moment, not saying a word while yajirobi kept quiet aswell while walking back inside.
"I will train you kid, but you have to do one thing for me first", Korin said.
"Sure, anything" Shinzui replied excited.
"Take a bath, you stink" the cat replied while closing his nose with his hands.

"............" Shinzui just stood there, not knowing what to say.
He had skipped taking a bath this morning because he was in a hurry, wich deffinetly explained the smell.
"Alright korin, i will be right back" Shinzui said while walking inside.
Not being sure where the bathroom was, he kept walking circles throughout the tower untill he found yajirobi.
"Excuse me, but where is the bathroom" shinzui asked kindly.
"Its down the hell to the left, cant miss it" he replied while eating something that looked like turkey leg.
"Thanks yajirobi" Shinzui said while walking to the door.

[Taking a shower]

Having returned to the platform after his shower, he stood next to korin.
"Sit down kid, you have to enstrengthen yourself before we start the intense training program i set up for you".
At that moment, yajirobi walked onto the open platform with a large plate of food.
"Well, lets dig in" Yajirobi said as he started trowing one bite after another into his mouth.
Looking over the food on the table, it looked delicious.
"Turkey, chicken wings, steak, soup" he whispered, trying to keep himself from drooling.
Grabbing a plate and chopsticks, he put his plate full of food and started eating like an animal.
Though this didnt stand out to much, since he was with a fat man and an animal.
After an hour of eating, only yajirobi and Shinzui where still going at it.
Leaving nothing on the table, the two ate like animals and finished with a loud fart.
Laughing about eachothers farts, korin hit both of the men on the head with his cane.
"We dont fart here, we train, we observe, we...." korin said being interrupted by a fart of his own.
"Never mind, go to bed now, the training starts tomorrow" Korin told the laughing saiyan.

Having prepared the couch for him to use, he laid his dirty clothes under it and went outside.
Doing some punches, kicks and a few breathing excersises, he went to bed.
While thinking about the things they would be doing tomorrow, Shinzui closed his eyes and fell asleep.

[End of part one]
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PostSubject: Re: Korin's training, The path to victory [part 1]   Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:50 pm

KI and zenni:9,000
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PostSubject: Re: Korin's training, The path to victory [part 1]   Sat Apr 17, 2010 10:22 pm

What? He didn't use weighted armor.
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PostSubject: Re: Korin's training, The path to victory [part 1]   Sun Apr 18, 2010 2:20 am

ooh, should i put that in?
in that case, i'll say it now Razz

sorry for the trouble.

PS: is it nececarry, it was a rather long topic
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PostSubject: Re: Korin's training, The path to victory [part 1]   

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Korin's training, The path to victory [part 1]
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