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 Korin's training, the path to victory [part 2][wip]

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Korin's training, the path to victory [part 2][wip] Empty
PostSubject: Korin's training, the path to victory [part 2][wip]   Korin's training, the path to victory [part 2][wip] Icon_minitimeSat Apr 17, 2010 5:48 pm

Sleeping soundly on the couch, his sleep got disturbed by a wack on his head.
"Wahh" Shinzui moaned as he woke up, seeing korin standing infront of him.
"Its 6:30, its time to start training" korin said while slowly walking outside.
"But i'm not even dressed yet" Shinzui moaned.
"Get outside now or no training" korin said while looking him fiercely into the eye.
A bit afraid of the grumpy old cat, he hopped of of the couch and stepped outside in his underwear.

Seeing yajirobi standing ready at the center of the plateau, he stood straight and got into the fighting position.
"First we will train your reaction time, after that, we will train again while you wear this special weighted armor" korin said.
"Dodge yajirobi's attack for fifteen minutes straight" korin said while giving them the sign to start.
Standing ready to block punches and kicks, Shinzui got suprised when the fat man grabbed his sword and started cutting at him.
Dodging right on time, Yajirobi cut of some of his hair.
"What the hell man, no one told me you'd..." he said while suddenly stopping to talk and starting to dodge a flurry of cuts and slashes from yajirobi.
"This isnt going well, he'll kill me if this keeps up" he thought to himself, still diving out of the way of the sword.
Dodging to the best of his ability's, he got several cutson his arms and cheek.
Shinzui had nothing to go out on because of yajirobi's sword.
Continuing to dodge, he thought about things to do.
"I cant block or he will cut me, i cant run or i will be a coward".

Having been dodging for fifteen minutes, Shinzui fell to the ground, completely beaten.
covered in blood and sweat, he layed on the ground.
Noticing korin standing next to him, he tapped him on the head with his cane.
"Good job kid, you held out for 15 minutes. But, if that was a saiyan, you'd be dead now" he said seriously.
"You did well for sticking to the basics of dodging, because you couldve lost an arm, or a head".
Still tired from dodging, he stood up for round two.
"I like your willpower kid, but take a shower first, your blood is staining my floor".

[Walking to the shower/showering]

After returning from shower, the three of them had a short break.
While sitting at the table, Korin watched Shinzui closely.
"Do you want to speeden up your training" he asked.
"But ofcourse, how can i do that" Shinzui asked hapily.
Grabbing a small flask of water from underneath his chair, he put it on the table while Shinzui examined it.
"This is the sacred water, this will grant you the power and speed of a god".

"Go on, drink it" Korin said, pushing it into Shinzui's hands.
"Uhm, well, here goes nothing" Shinzui said questioning.
As he poured the entire flask of water down, he didnt feel anything at first.
A second later, he exploded with power.
"Now yajirobi, attack him again" Korin said while drinking his tea.
Striking wildly at Shinzui, he missed each and every hit.
Dodging and diving out of harms way each cut, he started thinking that it was indeed magical water.
After 20 minutes, Shinzui got bored and used an opening to hit yajirobi in the stumach, which even amazed Korin.
"Gah" yajirobi moaned as he fell down to the floor.
"Wooow korin, that really was some good stuff".

"No it wasnt" korin replied a bit childish.
"Uh, yes it was" Shinzui said a bit overconfident.
"It was just tap water you fool, the power came from you believing in yourself" He shouted slightly agitated.
Being astonished, Shinzui helped Yajirobi up and sat down in his chair.
"So you are saying that i had this power all along".
"Yes, now go and get out there again. Dont just sit there, put this on and try again".
Putting on different clothes, he felt heavier then first.
"It's weighted clothing, it lowers your speed, giving you a hard time dodging while raising your base speed" korin said.

Having trained for the rest of the afternoon, yajirobi and shinzui fell to the ground.
Though he was tired and had no strength left, he knew that he had made great deal of progress in the few days he had spent with korin.
Getting back up on his feet, he walked to korin and said "Whats up next".
"Nothing is up next, there is nothing left for me to teach" he said.
"In that case, thank you for all the training you have given me korin, you too yajirobi" he said to the cat and the fat man laying on the floor.
"Since you look like a good sport, you might want to try Kami's place. Its the large plateau on the top of this tower, you cant miss it. Tell him korin sent you".
With that said, korin dragged yajirobi inside by his hair and disappeared out of sight.
"Then off to kami it is" Shinzui said with a smile on his face while charging up his Ki and jumping outside.

[useing weighted armor]

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Korin's training, the path to victory [part 2][wip] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Korin's training, the path to victory [part 2][wip]   Korin's training, the path to victory [part 2][wip] Icon_minitimeSun Apr 18, 2010 3:41 pm

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Korin's training, the path to victory [part 2][wip]
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