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 Altair's Dream

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PostSubject: Altair's Dream   Altair's Dream Icon_minitimeSun Apr 18, 2010 9:17 am

Far off in the North Galaxy was the peaceful planet, Earth, this planet was graced with lush vegetaion and thriving cities, the planet was a paridise all its own. The population was made up of humans. The humans were generally peaceful at this time and had no need for war and fighting. However, On this planet not all were peace loving, Jinko was a sorcerer, from the North Galaxy, he hated all the goodness of the planet and wanted to destroy it, but time and time again he was thwarted by the people of the planet as they were warriors themselves and could combat whatever Jinko threw at them.
Until one day Jinko was fed up with loosing to the people of this planet, using most of his magical energy he began to create a monstrocity of his own as it began to for the power resenating from it was amazing, the protectors of the planet could feel its dark power and set out to find it, however this was a difficult task indeed, every brave fighter rushed to the scene but would meet only despair, standing before them was a child like creature with pink skin and black pants and white boots, and a tenticale at the top of his head. As the warriors looked around all they saw was destruction, bodies of other humans laying on the ground and at second glance they found Jinko on the ground dead, killed by his own creation. Each fighter took a turn to fight this creature, naming itself Janko because that seemed to be the only word he knew, and each fighter fell to the superior power of the creature most had died but still quite a few lay helpless.
Then without warning there was a ki bolt launched at Janko and it ripped off his arm. Janko looked up to see a man with superior power to the humans, Janko wanted to speak to the man but didnt have the mental capacity for speech, so Janko looked down to one of the live humans and then to his torn off arm. The arm soon began to move and jumped at the human and spread to engulf his body, soon after this the blob of goop jumped back to Janko, and reformed his arm and figure to its previous state. Janko then looked up at the man again, "Who you?" Janko said.
The man still looking at Janko replied "I am Altair, and Who are you and how is it that you can talk our tounge now?" Janko laughed and replied "that none of you problem, i kill you now!" Janko leap at Altair and punched him in the face.
Altair's face twisted back but he soon looked forward again, "im not like these other fighters your are going to have your hands full with me." Altair then punched janko in the gut forcing him to fall back. Standing back up Janko laughed once more "you smell good i eat you!" once more Janko leaped at Altair but this time, throwing his speed punches, which Altair was still able to keep up with.
Altair jumped back escaping the attacks, what is it you want here, Janko these people did nothing to you!" Janko didnt react to what Altair was saying he only continued his assault, but for some reason was getting stronger, but there was no time to figure it out now. Soon after this realization a flash of light consumed Altair and in an instant he was on the ground bleeding from his right eye. " i have to end this now before this gets really bad." Altair stood up and looked at Janko "this ends NOW KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAA!!!" Altair launched his Super Kamehameha at Janko. Janko jumped forward as if to show off his power but was soon absorbed into the beam.
Altair took a sigh of relief after closing off his attack and looked at the pink goo all over the battle field, he then went to the remaining human fighters and helped them to safety before getting medical aid for his now scarred eye, Janko was gone for now but Altair felt that it was quite over.......

Altair woke, confused, holding his head......."What was that?" he asked himself, "it felt familiar almost like it was me there fighting but the attacks were unfamiliar to me. Whats going on?" Altair lay on the ground trying to make heads or tails of what had just happened to him.
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PostSubject: Re: Altair's Dream   Altair's Dream Icon_minitimeSun Apr 18, 2010 7:03 pm

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Altair's Dream
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