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 Altair's Dream Continued

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PostSubject: Altair's Dream Continued   Altair's Dream Continued Icon_minitimeSun Apr 18, 2010 7:14 pm

Altair and Simara were on their planet Renza helping the locals rebuild after the attack from Janko, this was a long and hard process and needed to be taken care of with care.

"This is worse then i thought, Simara i cant believe Janko did this much damage! i should have been here sooner, to protect this planet!"

Simara put here hand on Altair's sholder "if you came here any sooner then you did you might not have been strong enough to win, you came exactly when you needed to."

Altair smiled at her, gave her a hug and continued his work.

Soon a Saiyan worker ran up to Altair looking as if something was terribly wrong. "Altair, Altair we need you!!"

"what is wrong?" Altair asks.

"a tuffle has landed on the planet and we cant stop him!" Altair's eyes narrowed then he flew off to battle and destroy this invader. Simara secretly followed.

Altair found the being shortly after "what are you doing here you have no buiesness here." The tuffle smiled and laughed.

"my buisness is everywhere to conquer all hahaha!!" the Tuffle charged Altair but was quickly knocked down. "im not like the others here i am much stronger!" Altair said.

"then i will have to find someone stronger to battle you with. she will do." The tuffle saw Simara hiding behind a cluster of rocks and went to infect her body.

"NO SIMARA!!!" before Altair could do anything the Tuffle was already in her body slowly taking it over. "Altair i am so sorry." Simaras voice fading away into the tuffles rugged, scrachy voice. "now the real fun begins hahaha." The Tuffle infested Simara attacked Altair but He refused to fight back knowing he could hurt Simara if he retaliated.

"Fight me my love, whats wrong hahaha!!" The tuffle taunted. Altair could only continue blocking praying to find a way to free Simara. Soon the Tuffles stopped. "you cant resist me i am you, you are me....... NO IM NOT!!!!" Simaras voice passed her lips. "Altair fight me please.......it.....hurts so much pain.......SAVE ME FROM THIS!!" Simaras voice faded away again into the Tuffles. "well well thats the last time you will hear from her."

"thats all i needed to hear." Altair gave an evil looking smile to the Tuffle and charged him and began to batter the body the tuffle infected. For every blow Altair landed a tear shead for Simara and the pain she is enduring be overtaken and for having to hurt her to save her.

"Altair stop its me." Simara's voice heard once more, Altair stopped his assault. It was her again or was the Tuffle using her voice to protect himself. Afew of Altairs soldiers showed up in support of their leader. "stay your ground Altair yells to his followers.

Simara smiled and launched Ki bolts all around hitting the soldier, Altair leaped and knew it was once again the darn Tuffle tricking him to not fight. The soldiers all lay on the ground. Altair must think quickly to save them. Altair charged the Tuffle and began beating on the being again, tho Altair could only think of the pain he is putting on Simara. and is not fighting to his full potential.

All of a Sudden Altair thought back, During the fight with Glacian Simara fought her hardest to protect him and never gave up even if he was close to death it didnt matter to her all the mattered was that she fought for him. and now here he was thinking about giving up on saving her at the expense of hurting her further. "THIS IS WRONG I MUST SAVE HER!!!" Altairs power begins to explode "I WILL END THIS NOW YOU TUFFLE SCUM!!!"

Altair's power echoed as he powered up the Tuffle began to get scared "how is he generating this much power!"

Altair looked at the Tuffle "you wont live long enough to find out." Altair boomed to the Tuffle and punched him in the stomach.

After beating on the Tuffle for a bit Altair had an idea "FOUR ARM ATTACK!!!" Altair charged the infected Simara and wrapped his arms around her and held tightly, looked into her eyes "Simara this is for you....AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Altair powered his Embodyment of the Kamehameha and began to envelope both fighters in it, the field began to burn both fighters as Altair turned the power inward instead of out. Soon The Tuffle began screaming in pain, Altair saw his plan could work so he powered it up even more, the attack began burning him as well he knew he needed to finish this now, so Altair powered up to his max the burn from the attack was unbearable to the Tuffle and soon he ejected himself from Simaras body. Altair worked Quickly to then convert the power back out into a wave of power to attack the Tuffle and destroy him.

Simara opened her eyes and saw Altair "thank.....yo....." before she could finish her words Simara passed out. Altair only smiled and picked her up and lay her on a nearby flatbed to let her rest and give himself time to help the soldiers that came to help him.

After the soldiers were checked out Altair found that only 1 was really wounded, another soldier picked him up to take him to recover, while Altair went back to Simara to take her into recovery as well. Something bad was brewing and Altair knew it, He needed to be ready.

Once again Altair awoke holding his head looking around for some sign of what just happened, "I seemed so real, there has to be more to this then just a dream, i have to find this planet they called Renza, perhaps my answers are there."

Altair jumped into the air in search to find the coordinates of this planet or if had even existed, he had to find the answers to his questions.
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PostSubject: Re: Altair's Dream Continued   Altair's Dream Continued Icon_minitimeMon Apr 19, 2010 1:04 pm

6,300 ki gained and zenni
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Altair's Dream Continued
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